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What is the 12-week Upper Cervical Chiropractic care program?

What is the 12-week Upper Cervical Chiropractic care program?

The 12-week upper cervical chiropractic care program is designed to know about how long you maintain or "hold" between your previous adjustment. The 1 time per week for 12-week program also gives your body enough time to begin the healing process.

Once your upper cervical doctor knows about how long you are "holding" between your adjustments, he or she will recommend a tailor-made protocol based off of the data your doctor receives from each visit. Your doctor may recommend to schedule an appointment to get checked less frequently in order for your body to continue to function at its optimum level and heal to the fullest extent.

Our ultimate goal at OAC is for each individual to get their spine to hold for a minimum of 4-6 weeks following the 12-week care program.

How does the upper cervical doctor know whether you are holding between your vsits?

Upper cervical doctors must utilize some sort of gauge or instrument to determine whether you are holding your adjustment. Your doctor uses this specific instrument to perform a neurologic spinal examination to determine whether you are "holding" between each recommended visit.

Nerve interference causes your spine to be structurally and neurologically unsound which can lead to decreased healing potential and decreased quality of life.

Illustration of before (left image) and after (right image) adjustment. Notice the difference in temperatures from side to side.

This infrared spinal scan helps your upper cervical doctor determine whether your spine is neurologically and structurally compromised.

Holding is healing. Less adjusting is a great thing!

"But, doc I feel fine!"

Pain and "feeling" are not a good indications for health. Health should never be gauged on how well one is feeling but rather on how well the body is functioning,

As Reggie Gold, D.C. stated, "If symptoms determine how healthy you are, the healthiest people are those in the cemetery. They have no symptoms."

Another great example of this concept of health is the dental profession in regards to cavities. When you have an early cavity developing in a tooth, you can't "feel" pain from the cavity. The decaying process will continue to occur regardless of any pain or symptom being present. If not treated, the tooth can develop into a toothache, infection or tooth loss.

Talk with your upper cervical doctor today to schedule an appointment and get you on the path to health and healing with our 12-week upper cervical chiropractic care program.


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