How much does Upper Cervical Chiropractic care really cost?

Updated: Jul 28

Why people ask about cost?

This will always be one of the first questions a person will ask when researching chiropractic care.

We've answered this question thousands of times over the years, and these days, hundreds of prospective clients will ask us for cost and pricing every year - and many folks raise the question in the first few of minutes of conversation.

We get it.

Cost matters (it's not the only consideration, but it is pretty important). Cost often dictates what type of chiropractic service you would want to receive, and the results you are wanting to achieve. It's taking a proactive approach to your health rather than a reactive approach to your health. You need to develop an initial budget and plan for the healing process moving forward into care, and that's true for any health care decision you make.

How much does upper cervical chiropractic care cost?

Let's get right to it. The average upper cervical office visit costs between $60-$150 per visit with an average care plan cost of $1000-$2,500 depending on the length of the care plan your upper cervical doctor recommends and the area in which you live.

Long story short. It's tough to answer this question to the exact number because everyone heals at different rates and has different variables associated with their current health problems. Because of the variability of each case, it's often tough to know the exact price until your upper cervical doctor performs an upper cervical examination and reviews their findings with you.

At Owensboro Atlas Center, we strive to educate every prospective client, even if that leads you toward a different type of chiropractic service provider.

What are the typical upper cervical care program recommendations?