What is an OAC Practice Member?

Updated: Dec 19, 2021

What is an OAC practice member?

In short, an OAC practice member is someone that is an exclusive member to Owensboro Atlas Center that has joined the monthly membership program.

The term practice member is used instead of patient at Owensboro Atlas Center because our focus is to serve you as a person rather than treating you as a patient.

According to MedicineNet, the term "patient" can be referred to as a person under medical or dental care or treatment for a particular disease or condition.

Our goal is not to treat your current health condition. Instead, our intent is to restore your nervous system to optimize that God-given intelligence and allow it to express itself to its fullest potential for you and for each person in your family.

Practice member implies a relationship, and OAC members get to know others and their upper cervical doctor on a deeper level compared to their other doctors.

Unfortunately, many of your family practice physicians, primary care doctors, nurse practitioners, and other medical doctors today are heavily dictated by insurance and pharmaceutical companies. This can lead to your doctor or healthcare provider performing unnecessary services or take time away from the doctor-patient centered care that people seek.

According to an article from The Hill, "Health insurance companies have seized too much power in the health care process. They should be in the business of fu