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What is an OAC Practice Member?

What is an OAC practice member?

In short, an OAC practice member is someone that is an exclusive member to Owensboro Atlas Center that has joined the monthly membership program.

The term practice member is used instead of patient at Owensboro Atlas Center because our focus is to serve you as a person rather than treating you as a patient.

According to MedicineNet, the term "patient" can be referred to as a person under medical or dental care or treatment for a particular disease or condition.

Our goal is not to treat your current health condition. Instead, our intent is to restore your nervous system to optimize that God-given intelligence and allow it to express itself to its fullest potential for you and for each person in your family.

Practice member implies a relationship, and OAC members get to know others and their upper cervical doctor on a deeper level compared to their other doctors.

Unfortunately, many of your family practice physicians, primary care doctors, nurse practitioners, and other medical doctors today are heavily dictated by insurance and pharmaceutical companies. This can lead to your doctor or healthcare provider performing unnecessary services or take time away from the doctor-patient centered care that people seek.

According to an article from The Hill, "Health insurance companies have seized too much power in the health care process. They should be in the business of funding care, not determining what type of care you will get."

We get it. We understand it. This is why our mission is to make care affordable for people who are willing to invest in their health in a proactive approach rather than a reactive one. This is why the monthly membership plan was created.

How do you become an OAC practice member?

After a client has completed their initial 12-week upper cervical chiropractic care program recommendations, that individual will have an opportunity to become an 'official' OAC practice member by joining the monthly membership program.

Why should I become an OAC practice member? Are there any perks to joining the monthly membership program?

For starters, you will be invited to exclusive events. You will have access to the doctor to ask specific questions and will be given priority over others not on the monthly membership program.

See below the other perks of being on monthly membership program.

What does it cost to join the monthly membership program?

It costs $99 per individual or $199 for an entire family to join the monthly membership program.

What is the family monthly membership program and when can my family join this program?

The family monthly membership program was created to break the burden of expensive costs when going to see your doctor.

Just as the whole family typically goes to their dentist to get their teeth checked and cleaned, you are encouraged to bring your whole family to have their spines evaluated making sure your nervous system is functioning properly.

After both parents complete their 12-week upper cervical chiropractic care program recommendations, they are eligible to join the family monthly membership program. When both parents are receiving care, kids under the age of 18 are free of charge when receiving upper cervical care. Exams are discounted to $50 per child but upper cervical chiropractic care moving forward is free. When the family is under care together, not only is it more affordable, but a unique healing bond is created.

Let our OAC family take care of yours! Talk with your upper cervical doctor today to schedule an appointment and see what makes our services unique to health care. It is always an honor to serve families in order for them to live life to the fullest.



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