How Safe is Getting My Neck Adjusted?

Updated: Apr 21

How Safe is Getting My Neck Adjusted?

One of the first questions potential clients ask when they are on their first visit into the office, "Is getting my upper neck adjusted safe?" or "How safe is getting my neck adjusted?"

This is a great question! We have answered this common question hundreds of times.

Before answering this question accurately and honestly, you and your upper cervical doctor will discuss your health history and move into neurological and structural exams.

Watch as Dr. Kyle answers this common question in the video above.

Why is viewing the upper neck in 3D so important?

Since the human structure is 3 dimensional, it is vital to view it with 3D imaging in order to accurately evaluate and analyze the body structures and misalignments.

After evaluating and analyzing your images, your upper cervical doctor will determine if you are a great candidate for upper cervical care by ruling out any contraindications before administering safe, gentle specific upper cervical adjustment without any twisting, cracking or popping.