How does the doctor use and interpret Infrared Thermography?

Updated: Dec 19, 2021

How does the doctor use and interpret Infrared Thermography?

The FDA-approved thermographic instrument has two barrels that are placed on the back of the spine. [3] When the spinal exam is performed, the doctor gently rolls the barrels up the spine towards the base of the skull. The neurological examination is noninvasive, quick, and objective.

By using an infrared thermographic device, the upper cervical doctor can analyze and measure bilateral skin temperatures of an individual. Normal or abnormal functions of the autonomic nervous system will be assessed by the upper cervical doctor with each spinal scan.

Thermographic measurements that are symmetrical or asymmetrical comparing one side of the spine to the other side indicate whether the nervous system is considered to be functioning normally or abnormally.

How often does the doctor use Infrared Thermography?

The upper cervical doctor will utilize infrared thermography on every visit with a client to determine if the nervous system is functioning at its optimum.

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