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How does the doctor use and interpret Infrared Thermography?

How does the doctor use and interpret Infrared Thermography?

The FDA-approved thermographic instrument has two barrels that are placed on the back of the spine. [3] When the spinal exam is performed, the doctor gently rolls the barrels up the spine towards the base of the skull. The neurological examination is noninvasive, quick, and objective.

By using an infrared thermographic device, the upper cervical doctor can analyze and measure bilateral skin temperatures of an individual. Normal or abnormal functions of the autonomic nervous system will be assessed by the upper cervical doctor with each spinal scan.

Thermographic measurements that are symmetrical or asymmetrical comparing one side of the spine to the other side indicate whether the nervous system is considered to be functioning normally or abnormally.

How often does the doctor use Infrared Thermography?

The upper cervical doctor will utilize infrared thermography on every visit with a client to determine if the nervous system is functioning at its optimum.

Is there any research on Infrared Thermography on assessing the nervous system?

According to an article from Seminars in Neurology, "Body symmetry of the skin temperature as maintained by symmetrically functional peripheral nerves is the key to detecting a normal state. Persistent 1 degree C temperature asymmetry in the pattern of a peripheral nerve (thermatome) is a highly reliable method of detecting autonomic peripheral nerve disorder." [1] According to an article from The Japanese journal of anesthesiology, "Examination using a thermographic instrument can assess the autonomic dysfunction by measuring the skin blood flow involved with the sympathetic innervation." [2] According to an article from the Journal of Neurosurgery, "The use of thermography in evaluating nerve injury is based on the presence of temperature asymmetries between the involved area of innervation and the corresponding area on the opposite side of the body." [4]

Why is this important for me as a client at OAC?

So after reading the first and now the second post about infrared thermography, you are probably thinking, "That's great, but what's in it for me? Why should I choose this type of chiropractic or healthcare provider?"

All of the these questions are great and need to be answered. Continue to read below to find the answers:

What's in it for me? Clients at Owensboro Atlas Center receive the most scientific, state-of-the-art, concierge-style care that involves all-inclusive fees with no hidden costs months later,

Why should I choose this type of chiropractic or healthcare provider? Let's be completely transparent and honest with you. Dr. Kyle, a licensed chiropractor, is one of ONLY a few hundred trained upper cervical doctors in the United States. Dr. Kyle uses infrared thermography to focus exclusively on the functioning of the nervous system and also utilizes advanced Cone Beam CT Imaging to visualize and measure specific misalignments in the upper neck. No other chiropractor or doctor in Kentucky offers these unique services to locate the root cause of the problem as well as correcting it at the source.

Dr. Kyle has had experience helping client's with many different health conditions including:

1) Migraines and headaches

2) Vertigo and Meniere's disease

3) Trigeminal neuroglia

4) Multiple sclerosis

5) Guillain-barré syndrome

6) Torticollis

7) Scoliosis

8) Cervical instability and spinal fusions

9) Poor posture

10) Sleep issues

11) TMJ disorders

12) Autoimmune disorders

13) Post-concussion syndrome

14) Neck and back pain

15) Sciatica

16) Blood pressure issues

17) Fibromyalgia and fatigue

18) Digestive issues

After initial trial of care, many clients visit Dr. Kyle at Owensboro Atlas Center for maintenance care every 4-8 weeks for continued optimal wellness.

Talk with your upper cervical doctor today to schedule an appointment and get your spine checked utilizing infrared thermography. Using this state-of-the-art technology will allow you to better understand whether your body and nervous system are functioning at their optimum.



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