What is Infrared Thermography?

Updated: Jul 11

What is Infrared Thermography, and what are the benefits?

Infrared thermography is an objective, noninvasive device or instrument that assesses the overall functioning of the nervous system. [1]

1) Scientific

Infrared thermography is classified as a level 2 device under the FDA in the United States. It is a reliable and scientific gauge that was created to be used for licensed Doctors of Chiropractic. It's sole intended purpose for development was for chiropractors to locate, analyze, and correct out of alignment vertebrae in the upper part of the neck. [1]

2) Safe

Infrared thermography is noninvasive and doesn't emit radiation to perform a neurological examination. [1]

3) Quick

It takes just a few seconds for a chiropractor to deliver a proper spinal exam of the neck and up to 15 seconds for a full spinal scan from the base of the low back to the base of the skull.