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What is Infrared Thermography?

What is Infrared Thermography, and what are the benefits?

Infrared thermography is an objective, noninvasive device or instrument that assesses the overall functioning of the nervous system. [1]

1) Scientific

Infrared thermography is classified as a level 2 device under the FDA in the United States. It is a reliable and scientific gauge that was created to be used for licensed Doctors of Chiropractic. It's sole intended purpose for development was for chiropractors to locate, analyze, and correct out of alignment vertebrae in the upper part of the neck. [1]

2) Safe

Infrared thermography is noninvasive and doesn't emit radiation to perform a neurological examination. [1]

3) Quick

It takes just a few seconds for a chiropractor to deliver a proper spinal exam of the neck and up to 15 seconds for a full spinal scan from the base of the low back to the base of the skull. [1] Results are measured and recorded directly on a computer instantaneously. The chiropractor can quickly assess the spinal scans and evaluate whether the functioning of the nervous system is normal or abnormal.

4) Reproducible

With proper training, infrared thermographic scans are reproducible from one chiropractor to the next. Individual spinal scans can be loaded to a flash drive and be transferred to the next referring doctor. [1] Trained chiropractors utilizing this advanced technology can easily upload the spinal scans from an individual's spinal scan chart and continue with their care without any set-backs or lack of data.

5) Effective

The chiropractor can expect a desired result on each spinal examination to a client. [1] The effectiveness and consistent data that is collected with each spinal scan helps the chiropractor give the client the best care possible.

6) Accurate

By following specific guidelines provided by Titronics, chiropractors know they are receiving accurate data with each neurological examination performed on an individual. Accurate temperature readings can be collected up to 1 cm away from the client's skin surface before inaccurate data could take place. [1]

How does Infrared Thermography work?

The human body and all of its organ systems, muscles, and cells are controlled by the nervous system. These nerves originate from the brain and travel down the spinal cord sending electrical messages to various organs including the heart, the lungs, the stomach, and even the skin. [1]

These electrical signals traveling throughout the body are similar to electrical wires that branch out from an electrical fuse box that give power to every light, outlet, appliance, and room in a house.

Misalignments of the upper cervical areas of the spine, also called vertebral subluxations, cause imbalances or disruptions of electrical signals traveling from the brain to the body.

Each spinal nerve exiting the spinal cord innervates specific areas of the skin, thus dividing the body into different patterns known as dermatomes. There are eight cervical, twelve thoracic, five lumbar, and five sacral dermatomes in the human body. [1]

Imbalances of these electrical signals traveling from the brain to the body cause the skin’s natural temperature symmetry to fall out of balance (asymmetrical) from the left side of the spine compared to right side.

Several colors appear on the bar graphs when these imbalances (asymmetrical heat measurements) occur, which measure different levels of nerve interferences in the body - green (normal), yellow (mild), orange (moderate), and red (severe).

By detecting asymmetrical heat measurements from a spinal scan, this lets the doctor know that there is nerve interference present within the spine.

How does the doctor correct these imbalances of electrical signals or nerve interferences? A specific upper cervical chiropractic adjustment is the answer.

Talk with your upper cervical doctor today to schedule an appointment and get your spine checked utilizing infrared thermography. Using this state-of-the-art technology will allow you to better understand whether your body and nervous system are functioning at their optimum.



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