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Vertigo and Upper Cervical Care

Vertigo and Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care


Vertigo is a common condition that affects millions of people worldwide. It is characterized by a feeling of dizziness, spinning, or loss of balance, and can be caused by a range of factors, including inner ear disorders, medication side effects, and neurological conditions.

However, recent research has shown that vertigo may also be related to an atlas misalignment.

Doctor pointing to the atlas at the base of the skull Upper cervical care | Gentle | Safe | Effective

Atlas (C1 Vertebra)

The atlas vertebra, also known as the C1 vertebra, is the topmost vertebra in the spine and is responsible for supporting the weight of the head.

When the atlas is misaligned, it can put pressure on the surrounding nerves, including the vestibular nerve, which is responsible for regulating balance and spatial orientation.

This pressure can cause interference in nerve signals traveling from the brain to the body, leading to vertigo and other related symptoms.

Symptoms of Vertigo Related to Atlas Misalignment:

Vertigo related to an atlas misalignment can present in various ways. Some common symptoms include:

  • Dizziness or lightheadedness

  • Nausea or vomiting

  • Loss of balance or coordination

  • Feeling of spinning or movement

  • Headache or neck pain

  • Tinnitus or ringing in the ears

  • Visual disturbances, such as blurred vision or sensitivity to light

Woman sitting touching her head as the room is spinning in front of her

How Upper Cervical Care Can Help?

Upper cervical care is a safe and effective approach to vertigo related issues regarding an atlas misalignment.

Through specific adjustments, an upper cervical chiropractor can realign the atlas and alleviate the pressure on the surrounding nerves, allowing proper nerve signaling to occur. This can help to reduce vertigo and other related symptoms.

During an upper cervical chiropractic adjustment, the chiropractor will use gentle and precise movements to realign the atlas vertebra. This specific adjustment is often performed with the patient lying on their side, and the upper cervical doctor will use their hands to apply gentle pressure to the neck area.

In addition to upper cervical chiropractic care, there are other things that patients can do to help alleviate vertigo symptoms related to atlas misalignment.

These include:

  • Maintaining proper posture

  • Practicing relaxation techniques, such as deep breathing and meditation

  • Avoiding sudden movements that can trigger vertigo

  • Getting regular exercise and staying active

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Benefits of Upper Cervical Care for Vertigo

Here are some benefits of upper cervical care for vertigo:

  1. Non-Invasive: Upper cervical care is a non-invasive approach for vertigo related issues, meaning that there are no toxic drugs or unnecessary surgeries involved.

  2. Safe: Upper cervical care is a safe, gentle, and precise approach for vertigo related problems, with minimal risk of side effects.

  3. Long-Lasting Results: Unlike pain medication, which only provides temporary relief, upper cervical care can provide long-lasting relief from vertigo symptoms by addressing the underlying cause due to nervous system interferences while increasing your quality of life.

  4. Personalized Adjustments: Upper cervical care is a personalized approach to adjusting your specific misalignment that is compromising your nervous system that could be contributing to dizziness.


If you suffer from vertigo, consider giving upper cervical care a try to help relieve your symptoms and speed up your recovery to natural health and healing.

Professional headshot photo of Dr. Kyle Wilgus, an upper cervical doctor, at Owensboro Atlas Center

Dr. Kyle Wilgus

Upper Cervical Doctor

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