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What Makes Upper Cervical Chiropractic Different Than Other Chiropractic Techniques In Owensboro?

Can upper cervical chiropractic help with concussions?
There is a vast difference between treating the effects and adjusting the cause. - D.D. Palmer

A simple idea

Upper cervical chiropractic care is based on the simple idea that every cause has an effect. For every effect or symptom, there must be an underlying cause. Upper cervical doctors focus on locating the possible cause of a health condition due to interferences in the nervous system.

A specific upper cervical adjustment corrects the cause by restoring the nervous system back to proper functioning, which gives the body the opportunity to heal itself naturally without the use of toxic drugs or having an unnecessary surgery.

What is upper cervical chiropractic?

Upper cervical care is a strict discipline of chiropractic that focuses on the top two bones in the upper neck to ensure they are structurally and neurologically sound.

The top two vertebrae, C1 Atlas and C2 Axis, are vulnerable to injury or misalignment because there are no interlocking joints between them. Due to this fact, the atlas and axis bones are far more mobile.

A misalignment in this location in the spine can produce nerve irritation to the brainstem which in turn, can affect nearly all vital functions and systems in the body.

If this vital area is neglected, an upper cervical misalignment can lead to irreversible spinal degeneration and chronic health issues.

Why is upper cervical chiropractic being offered in Owensboro?

As discussed earlier, the upper part of the neck is the most common area of the spine to become misaligned because there are no interlocking joints between the top two bones near the base of the skull.

Dr. Kyle believes everyone should have the opportunity to be checked properly to ensure their nervous system isn't compromised which could lead to sickness, suffering, and other diseases down the road.

He is currently one in one thousand upper cervical licensed doctors across the country that focuses exclusively on the upper neck area. The closest upper cervical doctors in the tri-state area of Kentucky, Indiana, and Illinois are over an hour away from Owensboro, Kentucky.

Therefore, his extensive knowledge and expertise in this vital area in the spine aren't found anywhere else in the area. It is not unusual for clients to drive +1.5 hours to visit Dr. Kyle at Owensboro Atlas Center to ensure their heads are on straight and they are continuing to do great.

Getting people's heads on straight is what he does, but empowering, improving, and transforming people's lives is who he is.

Dr. Kyle believes the spine is not a toy and shouldn't have to been twisted, popped, or "cracked" in order to restore the nervous system back to proper functioning.

Offering these incredible services to the people of Owensboro and surrounding communities is a major blessing to Dr. Kyle in order for individuals to live a happy and healthy life without toxic drugs, managed therapies, or unnecessary surgeries.

Your upper cervical doctor's objective

Rather than seeking to “fix” any particular health issue or “treat” any condition, Dr. Kyle's objective is to create a proper functioning neurological environment between the brainstem area and the upper cervical spine.

His goal is to find an atlas misalignment, adjust it, and leave it alone so the body can heal naturally like God intended.

Thus, the person's body, mind, and spirit transform as the intelligence within the body returns to normal function.

If you or someone you know are bouncing from doctor-to-doctor looking for answers to your health problems or maybe you are looking to maintain your health by ensuring your head is on straight, we invite you to consider calling our office at (270)925-1553 or submit your info below this page in order to speak directly with Dr. Kyle to see if upper cervical chiropractic care would be right for you and your families' healing journey.

By the way, you can enter your contact information below to schedule a complimentary consultation with Dr. Kyle to see if upper cervical care is right for you. There is no risk in seeing if he can help you!

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