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What happens after your first adjustment? When do you come back?

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Do you have to come back after receiving your first upper cervical adjustment?

A lot of people feel amazing after receiving their first upper cervical adjustment, but the healing actually isn't in the adjustment itself.

The healing happens when that adjustment "stays in place."

"Holding" is the term upper cervical doctors use to determine the adjustment has "stayed in place" from the person's previous visit.

We usually find it takes about 3 months to stabilize the upper neck.

Sometimes it can take just few visits for all the bone segments to "get back in place" where they need to be.

And for some people, they start "holding" their adjustment right away after their first visit.

It really depends on the case and how bad the misalignments are in those cases.

So for the second, third, forth, and even firth visit are just as important as the first because we have to make sure that adjustment "stays in place."

Doctor pointing to the atlas at the base of the skull Upper cervical care | Gentle | Safe | Precise

The longer the upper neck adjustment "stays in place," the faster your body is going to heal and the sooner you are going to get your life back.

Give upper cervical care some time.

It may take a few visits for everything to get back in place where it needs to be.

But, once the upper neck starts holding, your symptoms will start to dissipate and you will get your life back.


Did you know that your local upper cervical doctor can help you get your life back? Yes, it's true. Click the button below to schedule a complimentary consultation to see if upper cervical is right for you.

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Dr. Kyle Wilgus
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By the way, you can enter your contact information below to schedule a complimentary consultation with Dr. Kyle to see if upper cervical care is right for you. There is no risk in seeing if we can help you!

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